Kitsap Transit Fast Ferries
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What's Happening

This website will no longer be updated regularly. Please visit our Fast Ferry page on for information about this new service.

Fast Ferries FAQs
Kitsap Transit shared an update on the Bremerton-Seattle service on May 24 and 25. Download the presentation.

March 24, 2017: Schedule Survey Results

Feb. 21, 2017: Reservation Survey Results

Kitsap Transit’s board has approved changes to fare structure.

Thanks to voter approval of Proposition 1, Kitsap Transit is moving forward with plans to launch fast-ferry service from the Kitsap Peninsula to downtown Seattle.

Kitsap Transit plans to solicit the public’s feedback on proposed fares, reservations policy and schedules before the launch. Stay involved by attending our community meetings, taking our surveys and subscribing to e-mail alerts!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the service’s launch!

Travel Time to Downtown Seattle from Kitsap Peninsula



Minutes Today*


Minutes Fast Ferry



Minutes Today*


Minutes Fast Ferry



Minutes Today*


Minutes Fast Ferry

*Based on lowest-priced route on Washington State Ferries and other public transit

How much will a ride cost?

Two dollars will be collected in Kitsap County and $10 in Seattle. Half price fares will be offered to seniors, disabled, youth, and low income. Riders can pay with ORCA e-purse; bus riders boarding the ferry will get credit for their bus fare.

The cost would be $12 roundtrip. But monthly-pass holders would pay much less, depending on how many trips they took.

For the first time, low-income will ride on cross-sound ferries for half price.

When can I ride?

Ride all day, evening and Saturday from May through September and year-round during commuting hours.

Ride all day, evening and Saturday from May through September and year-round during commuting hours. #fastferry

Launch Dates

  • Bremerton: July 2017
  • Kingston: 2018
  • Southworth: 2020

Proposed sales-tax increase would add 3 cents to a $10 purchase. #fastferry

How will we pay for this?

Fares and local sales tax will cover the cost of operations. The ballot measure calls for adding 3/10 of 1 percent to local sales tax (3¢ on a $10 purchase). Sales tax isn’t collected on things like groceries, housing, heating, electricity, prescription drugs, or health care.

On average this is less than $5 a month for an adult in Kitsap County.

How does this benefit our community?

National studies show transit investments generate economic benefits for communities, such as higher productivity from travel time saved and improved access to new workers, employers and suppliers.

  • Get directly to downtown Seattle in half the travel time
  • More frequent sailings from the Peninsula mean more choices for Kitsap travelers
  • Local funding means local control of service and fares
  • Frees up $1.5 million annually for more than 23,000 hours of new bus service
  • Greater access to jobs, education, retail and health care in Seattle
  • Other communities that launched ferry service have seen new business investments
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