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Get to Seattle faster

Currently the only place in Kitsap County with ferry service to downtown Seattle in about a half hour is Bainbridge Island.

Currently the only place in Kitsap County with direct ferry service to downtown Seattle in about a half hour is Bainbridge Island.

Where Kitsap’s local sales tax goes

Transit agencies are limited by state law to raising revenue chiefly through sales tax, motor vehicle excise tax ("car tabs"), passenger fares and parking fees.

Kitsap Transit is proposing 3/10 of one percent local sales tax to support cross-sound fast-ferry service that would offer people faster travel between Kitsap County and downtown Seattle.

Bainbridge ferry terminal adds traffic in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island

About one-third of vehicles going to or coming from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal cross the island, or more than 1,700 vehicles a day.

What will it cost to launch the service?

Most of the $48 million startup cost is to buy new vessels in the first six years.

Launching the system, such as buying vessels and setting up terminals, will cost about $48 million in the first six years.

How much would the system cost to operate?

Sales tax will be the major revenue source for ferry operations, just as it is for bus service.

Once all three routes are in service, about $8 million in local funds will supplement passenger-fare revenue annually.

Sizing up the fast-ferry plan’s cost

The fast-ferry plan's cost is significantly lower than other local transportation projects.

How does the fast-ferry plan’s cost compare with other local transportation projects?

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